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GeoLoqal Webhooks

Webhooks allow you to keep your application’s backend in synch with what’s happening in your application’s front end. In other words, if you are using our APIs/SDKs to create triggers, execute triggers, show ads based on triggers etc.. you would want to keep your backend server (for your application) in sync with the actions we are taking – use webhooks to do this. The same trigger that went out to your application will show up on your backend server. Here’s an example:

If you have your backend appserver listening on a url like

http://api.admob.com/v2/ad/search?client_key=k4004829c589 9ba9d231df3604b8ba45&token=ta98585435afabcf26319e2038a09f40&campaign_id=a11111111111111

GeoLoqal will send the following info back to your app..

http://api.admob.com/v2/ad/search?client_key=k4004829c589 9ba9d231df3604b8ba45&token=ta98585435afabcf26319e2038a09f40&campaign_id=a11111111111111&trigger_name=YOUR_TRIGGER_NAME&latitude=42.6686898&longitude=-85.555788&status=true&time=2012-10-27 08:59:55

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